Monday, April 14, 2008

Do Passive Candidates Really Make For Better Candidates?

Pilgrim Home and Hearth was founded over 50 years ago in Northern California. Pilgrim produces grates, screens, toolsets, log holders, wood holders, log carts, and other hearth fashion products for the specialty, catalog and OEM Manufacturer markets.

Our business portfolio includes three primary retail brands: Pilgrim, Smithsonian Institution, and Napa Forge.

I asked Gene Russell, President of Pilgrim Home and Hearth, whether he thought passive candidates really make for better candidates.This is what he had to say:

"Each comes with their own unique characteristics. My very best marketing hire was very active. However, often times they are too aggressive to fill their income gap and will talk themselves and the company into something that is not best for either party. I have also found that 99% of so called passive candidates are not all that passive, especially in today's internet exposed and networked world. The world is full of free agents who are fully employed."

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