Saturday, March 15, 2008

2 Year Search for Transportation Engineer at McMahon Associates

I talked with the General Manager of McMahon Associates in Florida about a senior transportation engineering job in Ft Myers, Florida, that had been impossible to fill. For 2 years it had remained open.

Having built an enthusiastic, dedicated team of more than 150 professionals along the East Coast, McMahon Associates, Inc. offers unrivaled breadth and depth in experience in all transportation engineering and planning services. McMahon Associates is a trusted advisor in traffic, highways, transit, structures, signals and more, from concept to design and construction services, including helping the client find the transportation funding it needs to implement its plan.

I took on the job and went to research, so to speak. I surveyed the market, building a list of all competitors within a 20 mile radius. Why 20 mile radius? That's usually as far as someone local will drive to get to work.

For the next two weeks, I called into companies and got the names of all the transportation engineers at the competitor firms. These professionals were passive candidates.

Ft. Myers is a small area and everyone knows each other. So, once I had my list of 50 passive candidates, I started to call and profile them. I introduced the opportunity, too.

I found a number of qualified candidates but they didn't want to leave or were in the midst of long projects. But I did find one passive candidate open to the idea.

I turned over the information to the General Manager of McMahon and Associates. He took it from here. Interviews were arranged.

With some fairly straight forward negotiation, a deal was cut and this new candidate switched firms and gave McMahon Associates new breadth in their business offerings for the Ft. Myers area.

Sam Medalie
Telephone Names Sourcer

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