Thursday, March 13, 2008

Multi-Billion Dollar Financial Services Firm and Telephone Names Sourcing

I am President of The Longfellow Search Group and we specialize in calling into target companies to find truly passive candidates. We also do organizational charts and candidate profiles.

I was on the phone the other day with a decision maker in the Human Resources department of a multi-billion dollar financial services firm. We were talking about telephone names sourcing.

She told me that her company wasn't comfortable calling into other companies. They left that up to the telephone names sourcers that they hired. It was a necessary service in her opinion.

We talked about internet sourcing of candidates. And here is where it got interesting. I asked her if she had a team that was expert in internet research. She said she did have that kind of team. I then asked her if she got resumes from outside recruiters that matched the resumes her team would find on the internet. She laughed and said that she did. Shows you that internet research is not as valuable a tool since everyone can do it.

The fact is that internet research skills are easily duplicatable, and many organizations are adopting these techniques to source candidates from the internet. However, a good telephone names sourcer who can do the right kind of research and go into companies to find the truly passive candidates is hard to find.

That is why this decision maker in the HR department of a multi-billion dollar financial services organization goes to telephone names sourcers on the hard jobs and when truly passive candidates are required.

Sam Medalie
Telephone Names Sourcer

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