Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Build Your "Talent Culture" Save "80%" on Recruiter's Fees

I asked Dan Catlin, a business consultant and talent scout, how a company might go about finding passive candidates. He had an interesting response.

"The companies that seem to work the least on recruiting are often the ones who work the hardest at their "talent culture." If you really do promote from within, actively create positions at the entry level that are designed to grow people, and engage with internships, mentoring programs, etc. to help your existing staff to be always on the lookout for talent, you'll develop that culture over time.

That accomplished, when you're 'surprised' by a growth opportunity or unexpected turn in a key position where there is no in house talent, you can afford to use top executive search support to get you into the people who aren't actively looking. Certainly, you can do your own executive search, but typically people with industry niche or skill focus will have contacts, the time to focus on your search and the techniques of research and approaching people that will bring you better candidates faster.

My recommendation to clients is to build a talent culture, promote from within, and save your money on 80-90% of your hires, then (farm out) the crucial handful of key positions that will drive your success while you keep focused on growing your company."

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