Thursday, March 13, 2008

Third Party Recruiters vs. Corporate Recruiters

What do you think are the real differences between third-party recruiters and corporate recruiters? Is Ron Pobuta, a third party recruiter, right?

" really cares? Our job is to fill a vacant position with the best person available. Our clients don't really care where the candidate comes from. What IS kind of funny is how many of you are corporate recruiters and don't employ passive recruiting. Reason behind that is that you don't have a sales mentality.

You're an HR person who works in the recruiting department. Your approach is not nearly as agressive as a TPR's approach would be. What is even funnier is how many times I find a candidate that is right under your nose, on CB or Monster and you didn't even bother to search. You ran an ad and waited for them to respond to you. Every time that happens I laugh and laugh.

Oh and please don't change. My income depends on your inability to not do your job. Just keep spending time on here, clicking away on your keyboard. While you are doing that, I am making money."

Ron Pobuta
General Manager
Protocol Executive Search

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